Ubuntu 16.04 supported

2017-04-22 admin 0

The new release supports Ubuntu-16.04. SiouxApp can be installed with a single command line: “sudo curl -L https://install.siouxapp.com | sh”

1-line install

2017-03-12 admin 0

The 1-line install command has been simplified: curl -L https://install.siouxapp.com | sh This will install SiouxApp within minutes on a Ubuntu 16.04 (or 14.04) server.

SiouxApp Forum started

2016-08-25 admin 0

The SiouxApp Forum has just been started. The Q&A forum allows users to raise questions and get good answers quickly. Links: forum.siouxapp.com

SiouxApp Docs published

2016-08-20 admin 0

SiouxApp Docs is published. The wiki contains a lot of details and instructions on how to use SiouxApps. Links: docs.siouxapp.com

SiouxApp PageOperatingStart

2016-07-10 admin 0

The new PageOperatingStart allows to quickly setup a new SiouxApp server after the first boot. Examples are: Business settings Sites Users Operatings settings Infra settings

RedmineCRM plugins

2015-09-30 admin 0

The RedmineCRM plugins have been integrated. They can be installed with a mouse click from the site operating page. Links: www.redminecrm.com app-redmine.siouxapp.info

Enhanced Site Operating Page

2015-09-20 admin 0

The Site operating panels has been enhanced. It’s now possible to install plugins, themes with a mouse click or to upgrade a site automatically.

New “Marketplace” panel

2015-04-04 admin 0

The “Marketplace” panel allows to easily install additional packages from the marketplace. See Admin>Marketplace for details. Links: marketplace.siouxapp.com