SiouxApp Hub updated

2016-07-31 admin 0

The SiouxApp Hub was update. It gives a better overview and more details on the SiouxApp plans and list all our partners. Links:

SiouxApp 16.07 released

2016-07-20 admin 0

  The new stable release V16.07 was released today. It includes numerous usability enhancements, two new apps and many new features. Links:    

SiouxApp joins Microsoft CSP

2016-07-10 admin 0

SiouxApp joins the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. This will allow us to expand our network significantly. Links: Microsoft CSP overview

SiouxApp PageOperatingStart

2016-07-10 admin 0

The new PageOperatingStart allows to quickly setup a new SiouxApp server after the first boot. Examples are: Business settings Sites Users Operatings settings Infra settings