Ubuntu 16.04 supported

2017-04-22 admin 0

The new release supports Ubuntu-16.04. SiouxApp can be installed with a single command line: “sudo curl -L https://install.siouxapp.com | sh”

New App Kanboard

2017-04-10 admin 0

AppKanboard allows to use Kanboard as Kanban project management system. Links: kanboard.net

1-line install

2017-03-12 admin 0

The 1-line install command has been simplified: curl -L https://install.siouxapp.com | sh This will install SiouxApp within minutes on a Ubuntu 16.04 (or 14.04) server.


2017-02-15 admin 0

InfraFirewall allows to setup and configure the standard Linux firewall (i.e. iptables and ufw).

SiouxApp 17.01 released

2017-01-28 admin 0

The new stable release V17.01 was released. It includes usability enhancements, upgrades apps and additional security features. Links: home.siouxapp.com hub.siouxapp.com

SiouxApp 16.10 released

2016-10-02 admin 0

The new stable release V16.10 was released today. It includes numerous usability enhancements and upgrades apps. Links: home.siouxapp.com hub.siouxapp.com